Corporate Social Responsibility

Through the following policy we aim to ensure that OUR activities will not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In summary, we firmly believe it is our responsibility to leave our resources in better shape than we received them. We are consistently at the forefront of these issues by our active participation in our national association, PPAI, the Promotional Products Association International, which keeps a watchful eye on CSR changes and initiatives. Our group encourages education and implementation of these issues.

Hitex Marketing Group aims to provide quality products and a reliable service and will undertake a program of continuous improvement, staff training and research and development to accomplish its goals.
Hitex Marketing Group activities and relationships will be undertaken with integrity, in an ethical and honest manner.
Hitex Marketing Group objective is to ensure that no-one suffers harm as a consequence of carrying out its business activities and particularly recognizes its duty as an employer to ensure the health and safety at work of all its employees.
Hitex Marketing Group will comply with all relevant legislation as a minimum and seek opportunities to make a positive contribution to sustainability through its process of continuous improvement.
Hitex Marketing Group will develop its methodology and encourage staff to develop their awareness, skills and understanding of sustainability issues and practices through training and development activities. All staff are encouraged to recognize and adopt corporate social responsibility as a shared aim to which they contribute and are accountable for.
Hitex Marketing Group will set objectives and targets to achieve the strategy set out in this CSR policy.
Hitex Marketing Group will monitor and report year on year against objectives and targets set and identify and report on key performance indicators in support of those objectives.

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